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Wetland Project

WETLAND: WATER BASED LIFE FORMS REFLECTED IN TEXTILE ART Each piece is a representation of the various water forms and the life that is born in its path. Protecting our natural resources and rediscovering our territory is the invitation that Ilinka Mergudich, textile artist, makes through the Exhibition “HUMEDAL”, project funded by the National Fund ….  Read More

KU project

Textile Art takes over Coyhaique’s Cultural Center “KU. TEXTILE REPRESENTATION OF PATAGONIAN FORESTS” is the outcome of the inspiration that comes from daily coexistence with a privileged environment. Opening the senses and recalling shapes, aromas and colours is the invitation that Ilinka Mergudich, textile artist, does by staging “KU. Textile representation of the Patagonian forests”. ….  Read More

Natural Dyes


The wall tapestries created by Ilinka Mergudich contain diligent research, conscious material preparation, and artistic view of nature composed of diverse textures and colours. Within the tapestries, sustainable and responsible design converges with artistic expression. Obtaining colour is an endless search in her artistic career, experimenting with the dyeing of sheep´s wool and alpaca fiber ….  Read More

Ilinka Mergudich


Ilinka Mergudich Smoje : Born in Punta Arenas, Chile 1966. She started her Loom Weaving studies in the “Casa Azul del Arte” art school, Punta Arenas, with outstanding textile art experts’ tutoring. Here, she was part of the Mineduc project “Creación de tapices murales basados en el rescate mítico religioso de las etnias australes” (Mural ….  Read More